πŸ”– – [ Terms of use ] – πŸ”–

888-Tools is a educational cyber security market 
all the tools are for securiy penetration testingΒ  
( for educational purposes , Not for hacking ) 
to sheard the knwoleg about different attacks type 
also undestend  & learn , like this we skip the attackers 
all the tools are a prototype educational
so for that reason we don't Fud

 Β  About the Remote Administrator ToolΒ  is made for office boss & cyber coffee admin 
& children observation also Couples & Monitor Company workers & Remote file transfer
& Track your children and phone if you lose it & Monitor your network from Attack
& Allowed Support Tv & Teachers of cryber security also pupils & Track the criminals
& Home Monitoring & Track Neurological diseases also the Elderly from being lost
 & Violence against women & remote recover lost passwords & anti-theft
of your laptop + phone & other legale uses 

888-Tools have not the responsibility on the way you use the tool

The knife can cut an apple to eat and can hurt
so the user is responsible for his usage 

------------------:[ Rules ]:------------------

 1 - We make setup free untile all wrok fine . after that if you need aditional setup 
you must pay for aditional service

2 - 888 RAT The licence for 1 machin , All the tools are Liftime that Expire in format  

 3 - The licence just for one pc . if you need to use in other pc you must buy other

4 - For how don't follow this after agree & paly with support he will be faster banned 
becose he not keep his word

5 - about the price we can help you dear cosomter if price is big than 100$  ( 100 and upper )

6 - We update the Rat options FREE , we don't update the scanne ( WE DON'T RE FUD ) 
( becose if we RE FUD we will stop working & stay update one tool all owen life )

7 - We sell just Security Penetration tools & we don't build doc or bin exploits for costomers

8 - We advice to Respect the support & not talk lot & go directly to subject with short words

9 - Auto payment of website Take 24 H max or 1 H less (Time Zone) , after that a download link sent Automatiquly 
on your email recive tool

10 - if you lose your email recive tool mean you lose your tool

12 - if you are a mega noob we advice you to not buy & learn 
becose you will blam ouer tools and you don't blam yourself 

13 - the tools are created for how have 18 years old and up  

14 - any spammer he will be blocked by the admin , ouer tools are not for you

 ----------------[ if you Don't Agree the Terms so Don't Buy ]-------------------

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