Terms of use

888-Tools is not hacking website or spam
All tools are for securiy penetration testingΒ  ( for education , not for hacking ) 
to sheard the knwoleg about different attacks type also undestend  & learn , like this we skip the attacker 

 Β  about Remote Administrator ToolΒ  is made for office boss & cyber coffee admin 
& children observation also Couples & Company workers & Track the criminals
& Allowed Support Tv & Teachers of cryber security also pupils
& Home Monitoring & Neurological diseases of the patient also the Elderly
 & Violence against women & remote recover lost passwords & other legale uses 

888-Tools have not responsibility for the way or how you use the tool

------------------:[ Rules ]:------------------

 1 - We make support free untile all wrok fine . after that if you need aditional support 
you must pay for aditional service

2 - The lience Never Expire , But if you fromat your pc you will lose it . so not format 
( not aqsepte sorry my pc crached also i need to change other pc) not spoof your hwid 

 3 - The lience is just for one pc . if you need to use in other pc you must buy new one

4 - For how don't follow this after agree & paly with support he will be faster banned 
becose he not keep his word

5 - about price we can help you dear cosomter if price is big than 100$  ( 100 and upper )

6 - We update just tools options not the scanne ( WE NOT RE FUD )
( becose if we follow the scanne we stop working & stay update one tool all owen life )

7 - We sell just Security Penetration tools & we not build doc or bin exploits for costomers

8 - We advice to Respect the support & not talk lot & go directly to subject with short words

9 - Auto payment of website Take 24 H max or 1 H less after that a download link sent Automatiquly 
on your email recive tool

10 - if you lose your email recive tool mean you lose your tool

12 - if you are mega noob we advice you to not buy & learn 

 ----------------[ if you are not agree so not deal ]-------------------

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