Bug Rapport

This area was created for 888 RAT ( Extreme ) bug rapport

How to rapport ?

Version : 1.x.x
Problem : i can’t …..

4 thoughts on “Bug Rapport

  1. Hello, logo animation doesn’t work

    1. update your internet explore to last vesion it will work .

  2. hello admin Eid Mubarak and i found one bug browser Getpass not working fix new version

    1. Hello & welcome , about the bug of get browser pass is fixed now & detected on 888 RAT 1.1.1 , the crach display is becose some browser store user without password then when the gui display the password it is empty so the crach started so for that we create array number of 3 data 1 website & 2 user & 3 pass if one of them not exist it will never display & the crach will fixed . thank you for your great raport .

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