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  1. Hi, will you need a crypter for android rat?

  2. Hello, are you planning to release a jpg exploit? Alternatively, you can order the jpg exploit from you as a private one, if so what will be the cost? Have a nice day.

    1. jpg exploit don’t exist all are fake . welcome

  3. Hey, I just bought a rat, But It doesn’t open! I installed JDK & JRE So many times latest version and checked for updates, I disabled the anti-virus I tried redownloading, But it’s still the same, Help, please.

    1. if ou use rdp so fellow the video in the email recive tool

  4. Hi, can you please tell me if it is possible to access the microphone in RAT PRO for more than 60 seconds, or without any time limit at all?

    1. you can edite 60 sec with any value you want

  5. Hi admin,
    I have paid the invoice for RAT 8 hour ago, but it hasn’t deliver yet. kindly have and look and speedup
    order number : 5103

    1. done check your email now , read the terms 1h less and 24h max , we never make a delay up then 24h

  6. hi admin share the strong brain steailer explanation video using this

    1. it easy to setup just upload the php file that stealer give you then upload to a host and past the link in the stealer then build

  7. will my strong brain soft update to V2 since im using the old version. or will you will give me the updated version to replace old.

    1. free update contact support

  8. Hi

    Softwares will work inside RDP ??

      1. Alright I just paid for RAT extreme

        Waiting for product in my email

        1. welcome , please check your email now

  9. Hello. i would like to know about RAT for iOS . ?

    1. we have for Android not IOS

  10. Sir purchase your product exploit doc&excel but not recvieved tool licence

    1. Hello done check your email , about time please read ouer term of use we told the time to recive the tool it over 1 h less and 24 max . welcome

  11. I WANT buy the 888 rat please give me your telegram or any other contact info

  12. hi admin make video ngrok and hrdp using

    1. Soon in video part 7 when we have a time

  13. oh, ok. do you think, that it would be possible, to be able to steal the cookies from new browser versions in the future?

    1. no idea we need lot of time to study the new excryption

  14. hi, i got a question. i’m using your rat version 1.1.1, and i think, that the cookie stealer function is quite interesting, but it is not working for me. if i try to steal my own cookies for testing, it only gives me te name of the cookie, but not the value. it would be nice, if you could help me out.

    1. the cookies stealer not work in new browsers just in old . welcome

  15. Do i need to buy a crypter if i buy 888RAT extreme? and if id o which crypter should i buy?

    1. Yes need , about witch one no idea

  16. need latest version Hrdp And Hvnc and Powerfull Ransomware
    then all good

    1. NO Ransomwar ouer RAT is coded for legale use , Hrdp noted

      1. ok admin

  17. hello
    need video how to use ngrok option make a one video
    We have been waiting for this video for more than 5 months.
    No updates were made
    Some tools do not work properly in rat

    1. soon a video about ngrok
      what tool that not work good ? all work fine tested already .
      update interval is ouer job we never told that we update eatch month read terms of use

      1. Thanks for the great response and support
        I can not start it
        I have not used it for a long time
        please help
        You have been saying that the video has been ready for more than 6 months
        But there is no news

        This is the need of many buyers
        Also add some plugins to Android and Windows

        1. Please video how to setup old brain stealer

          1. yes noted soon when we have a time . welcome

  18. Sir please make av killer tools or add 888rat

    1. it already exist in proccess kill in the rat but you must kill proccess before you install av not after you install

      mean any one try to install the av he can’t . welcome

  19. Is it possible to delete sms from the target device?

  20. hi dear brother need video how to use ngrok option make a one video

  21. Hi i 2 or 3 days ago
    I buy rat windows and android
    It now will soon other product
    Thank you very much dear

  22. Hello
    new php technology fast and more secure upload just a php file in any host and put his link in the RAT.
    Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..
    Make a tutorial video

    1. soon a video in ouer chanel

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