🐞 Exploit Attack

we will talk about basic ways of exploit and not all

1 – Browser Exploit

Native browser exploit

mean any if attacker send you a link you are hacked , a downlaod execut of payload will execut when you open this

link via your browser without you download the file , all are silent

lot of kind in browser exploit , some are from the browser it self mean native

this security porblem are discovred by attacker and use it to execut his payload

we have tow kind CVE and 0 day , CVE mean how discover the exploit send it to the browser company

and they give him money for his GOOD job and we advice to do it , and about 0 day they discover it but

they don’t send to browser company and they take it for his owen use .

Java Browser exploit

same as native but it use java installed in this browser to downlaod execute mean if browser don’t have java it never work so we see that native is more dangerouse

Flash Player Browser exploit

same as native but it use flash player installed in the browser , flash player is plugin that display videos and games and other , if this plugin are exploited they can execut exploit via it

The browser exploit are in android also and other os not just windows

2 – Files Exploit

it is a exploit inside a file like doc or pdf or any other kind of file

the hacker use reverce to create execut cmd inside file that download execut the playload

any one click this this Edited file he will be hacked

3 – Remote Code Execution ( RCE ) Exploit for OS


this attack execut a remote comand via exploit in LAN local network mean you are any one in the network can be hacked without any link just by local ip


also WAN mean attack fome out side netowork by get external ip of target machin , most of them are used for rdp exploit

4 – Wifi and bluetooth and Usb Device Exploit

any wifi mous or keyboard can be hacked by RCE the attack called mouse jack the attacker can run remote code

execution to target , the way is like a mouse , the wifi mouse execut a comand to machin to move the mouse

the attacker will run code like wifi mouse and told to machin to run and downlaod the payload

about the bluetooth the attack called blueborn exploit mean they can RCE the traget like phone or machin

about USB exploit it is a reverce of a usb like Bad usb and usb ruber and other that execut malwar when it pluged

Note : This a basic attack used and not all beocse if we talk about all , this article will never finish

To Protect your self from Exploit

1 – Update your browser becose the new update fix exploit and will stop working

2 – Disable Flash played or remove it , and if you need it you must not allow it execut auto but manual

3 – Java same as flash player

4 – File exploit must open it via browser editor like gmail not via office of your machin becose the exploit work in machin not browser

5 – to have a good Av is good we advice kaspersky

6 – RCE exploit you must update your machin windows or any os without forget becose the update fix the exploit

7 – Update your file editor life office and other with a last version and last update

8 – Not use wifi or keyboard mouse and use normal one and check the usb with av before use

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