RAT ChangeLog


1 – Fix ngrok for in android apk

2 – Fix add Icone to apk

3 – Add last apktool 2.5.0 in the android builder support last Android Phone


1 – Reverce Proxy now support open port via php method

2 – Ngrok added to Android now it work in Windows + Android without need to open port

3 – plugin All Browser + All email more small size and fast to upload

4 – Fix File.php

5 – android Sreenshot improuvment

6 – add detect the API of android in main menu

7 – Replace Arp Scanne and ping scanne in Lan RCE and changed with auto Mac detecte also detect Vendors

8 – Replace Port scanner in Lan Rce from main to menue

9 – Fix Stop Scanne button in Lan RCE

10 – Add progress bar to Lan Rce

11 – Fix Auto Enable button Screen in Cam capture android when detect front + back camra

12 – Stop the system bip sound when you take a screenshot in android without root

11 – Android apk chrome icone edited small now , the first was not like real chrome

12 – Add in android GPS tracker a button to open the Map via your own browser

13 – Add Custome app click redirect for android 10 and up , before was just chrome redirect


1 – Os Version Detect Pie + Android 10 + Android 11 in main users liste , before was Unknow version

2 – Add apk support Android 10 + Android 11 , mean work from Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 11

4 – hiden app window when you setup the apk not show a black windows like before

5 – in the Android 10 and upper we can’t hide the icone becose system stop this method , so we create

private 888 way

6 – Fix Camra Android bug + More faster than old

7 – After change the Apk instalation way the server bypass some Protection like Play Protect ( we don’t

Refud it just
we change the way it refud it self , in ouer terms we don’t re fud

8 – Android Screenshot now ( wihtout root ) work from version lolipop to pie ( 10 and up not silent so we

don’t do it )

9 – Now permisions are runtime in the first server setup

10 – Add show the Permission of any target app in the Installed app area + show the server app with

different icone

11 – Fix connection duplication

12 – Add Network Scanner detecte OS and ip of devices in the target network

13 – Fix updater of Duckdns alos make it faster


1 – New Plugin All browser Fixed to decrypt passwords of Firefox + Opera Also small size then old and very fast to upload

2 – New File.php for Ngrok ( fud + support linux & windows Host )

3 – Fix Use Ngrok when you create server now it just disable ip & port box . Not change the value of the ip & port

4 – Add to Auto Show System TrayIcon in Remote Desktop gui in window area

5 – Fix Remote WebCam for Windows os now faster and support all camras , also improuved with Plugin and auto detecte if camra is Found or not

6 – Add second Mirror Link to Download JDK android for how he is lazzy to Create account Oracle in builder Area

7 – improuve the Windows > Spy > Sound capture , Now it is Native Recorder with small mp3 size + with progress time & auto detect if mic is plug or not
with Sound capture you can Record your sef then send to user via webcam or listen to user conversation

8 – Add Hidden RDP feature in Network area , now you can make you target as real rdp without disconnect real user from his session , Not need t open port
private 888 way work all windows


1 – Now the RAT work without need port forwarding , NOT need VPN or RDP or Router to open the port also not need any Dns , with new php technology fast and more secure upload just a php file in any host and put his link in the RAT .

2 – Add New Rat Auto Crypt algorithm encryption

3 – Fix Update server All user + Download execut all users

4 – Your can Add or Delete a set setup for Monitor grabber mass All user by one click you can setup a one cofing to all your users

5 – Fix Number of users connected in Windows & Linux & Android also the online label


1 – Add New Plugin Get pass for All last Browsers Also All last Emails + Fast to upload & small size

IE + Edge








Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only)

Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts)

Windows Mail + Windows Live Mail



Netscape 6.x/7.x (If the password is not encrypted with master password)

Mozilla Thunderbird (If the password is not encrypted with master password)

Group Mail Free

Yahoo! Mail – If the password is saved in Yahoo! Messenger application

Hotmail/MSN mail – If the password is saved in MSN/Windows/Live Messenger application

Gmail – If the password is saved by Gmail Notifier application, Google Desktop, or by Google Talk

2 – Gui Improuvment of Plugin Get pass

3 – Cookies stealer Update server to get last Firefox Cookies


1 – Now Lan RCE Ms17-010 Area Support Windows XP – Vista – Server – 7 – 8 – 8.1 – 10 ( 64 Bit & 32 Bit )

2 – After last Update the server exe not support windows XP & Vista Now it was Fixed and work well

3 – Change windows version display old was WIN_10 or WIN_7 now just 10 or 7 or XP or Vista

4 – Fixed windows builder between auto Rat crypter and use other crypter

5 – Now Linux Builder can build Python server , support python 2.x & 3.x


1 – Fix Monitor grabber

2 – Improuve the Keylogger now it run in memory the old method was a plugin , also Encypted Code for bypass Av

3 – Now i can tell that Monitor Grabber is stable with Powerfull Detection ( Final ) after long years of Imrouvment

4 – Now Linux RAT Builder support tow Arch 64 bit and 32 bit Os , before was just 64bit

5 – Android RAT Server signature changed to bypass av

6 – Add USB Spreader in Windows File Manager . Now RAT can spread via USB by one Click Button

1.1.3 Start of 888 RAT Extreme

1 – Check RAT update changed from option area to info area also method is changed

2 – Add UAC bypass for Windows 10 now UAC work with All windows

3 – Add msgbox warn get pass Firefox in 64 bit until now the get pass support just 32 bit

4 – improuve the Monitor Grabber + Add icone to the list + some bug fix

5 – Add AutoTask , Mass auto get pass & save to txt file when users connect to the RAT

6 – Add New Plugin for Firefox X64 in Plugin Get Pass area , This method is used if Native get pass not work on X64

7 – Add Idle time in Pcinfo Area now you can know if user in online and also display time interval ( We don’t use idle in main of the RAT for stability )

8 – Add white color as default of 888 RAT becose old olor is not Clear

9 – Add in Lan RCE a Mac Lookup to know Device Vendors in the Network

10 – Fix Bug in Regedit Manager

11 – Add NEW Linux Os Remote control after Windows & android .

12 – Add Terminal in Linux Os Server you can type any linux command

13 – Fix binder file in windows to run any time not just once like before

14 – Add Silent IE Berowser Exploit in Tracker area to execute Payload

15 – improuvment of Tracker Gui area

16 – Fix ip range small to big number in Lan Rce

17- Add Exploit file in tracker, you can build exploit doc silent or vbs – js – hta encrypted , the Rat will auto create host for web delivery

18 – Delete Double Os list in option area to make rat stable

1.1.2 ( End of Pro ) for Windows + Android

1 – Remove option save Logs so make Rat faster + make big list logs size

2 – Fix . now users connect to the rat one by one , that make rat fast to replay when you click one the the feature

3 – New geo loc small with 1 mon than old one , and fast country detection then old

4 – Improuve Cookies Stealer gui

5 – Add auto Inject cookies in browser via Json a easy method just copy & past all data will be changed

6 – Firefox cookies extension changed to new one better for JSON copy & past method

7 – Reverse Proxy & Cookies Stealer now are multi Thread you can run the tow in one time even if you close Reverse proxy , it still work

8 – Add Native get Firefox password in Browser Get Pass area & we delete Firefox not native . it work only on Firefox 32 bit

9 – Fix Keylogger + make it uploded from RAT to sever to bypass av in the past keylogger was inisde the stub

10 – Improuve Reverce Proxy in Network area now without need to copy past ip & port all will injected to browser auto

11 – Add Bug rapport area to rapport porblem to us & fix it in the next update


1 – Add label explain features in builder area

2 – Fix scanner davices bug display ip

3 – deleted hid instalation becose some system not run server in startup becose folder is hiden

4 – Now you can use Ms17-10 Not just LAN but WAN also mean via wirless

5 – Add in server area a auto change from system to user previlage without upload server & run as user for exploit MS17-010 ( so faster )

6 – Add Cookis Stealer in password area , now you able to have any session just with steal & inject cookies to your brwoser , no pass , no grab

the good that you can bypass 2FA autentification & not need user or a password , also work any website for browser Chrome Firfox & Opera (Native)

7- Add Browser Decrypter for [ Chrome , Opera ] All vesion in password area (Native)

8 – Add in rat client a Arp scanne method on Ms17-010 it is fast mthod to scanne a network the first method was ping scanne now we have tow methods

9 – Add in Ms17-010 scanner custome range from to in the past was num 1 also add label to know self ip in lan network

10 – Replaced old FireFox get pass with new one fast & stable ( same way as old just improuved )

11 – Some bug fix and delete show ip in duckdns & no-ip updaters for security reasons & improuve hiden info in option area

12 – Add search option on cookies stealer .

13 – Message manager improuved now it is a listview with all messages logs

14 – Added new persistence method Schtasks ( we keep old vbs method ) now tow method avalible

15 – Remove server from Zone.Identifier in install , the warn message of windows when you run server detected as unknow app (in install only )

16 – Add detect target time & self ip on the machin in scanner MS17_010

17 – Change No ip updater from hiden execution to execut via browser (not hiden) more stable becose som browser block update in hidden mode

18 – Add Regedit Manager in windows system area explore files , add value , delete value , Decode value type Binary and Base64 and CryptProtectData

19 – Fix GetObject Error for Speaker in funny area also for Get Av name

20 – Fix Zip & UnZip problems in Filemanager

21 – Deleted browser Cookies remover becose rat need cookies to steal data if case monitor grabber not catch data

22 – Add Installed Softwar & soft infos about target machin

23 – Deleted Shotcut spread in builder for stability + detection problems

24 – Add FileZilla Ftp Password decrypt (Native)

25 -Add Rat Change Log for all Update steps in info area

26 – Change 888 Rat gif main logo number 5 with New one

27 – Add connection speed test in tools area for windows & android between Rat & server using Ping & Pong

28 – Add save data for ( browser native & get message android & phone contacts )

29 – Add Exe To Msi in Tools Main RAT

30 – Fix ( All Files ) downloaded files in Android

31 – Changed get ip & country from website to a native get ip & country , not need website to have infos now Rat done itself

32 – Add IP Tracker area a method to get all info about target & scanne port & send fake page with auto os & payload detection

33 – Add your Custome Port to scanne in Ms 17-010 befor it was just 445 now you can scanne any port you want also added icons status

34 – Fix problems in cam spy android & improuved & work all vesion of android from hony to Q

35 – Add Auto screen in cam spy android , now camra is like a video screen

36 – some one report a problem in calls spy , can’t read indian & arabic & russian & other no latin caracters now you can download all calls with one click

37 – Add image geo tracer . you can get image place where it taken in file manager

38 – Add Open Url in Browser forAndroid in tool area

39 – Remove Optimisation option from android builder now server work fine without any stop by system even if use lot of battray

40 – Add Password on Android area , Facebook Phisher is fake login page that get user data & red

41 – Add new skin called diamond in option area

42 – Fix Check Rat auto update & Fix display icon in reg manager

43 – improuve no ip updater

44 – Fix get flag in the frist execution of the Rat

45 – Fix Calls spy language now all arbic & russian & indien carater convert to englich


1- Now android RAT support all androi Os from icecream to Pie last vertion

2- Get ip fixed & Use Force method for fast get ip

3- Add in adroid server check connection in the phone befor connect . good for battery & app stability

4- Fixed android mic in the input box allow now just numbers

5- Fixed a app crach in persistence

6- Create new feature calld calls spy that record all Incoming & out calls convertations & play it & save the convertations

7- Add show app in google play in app manager

8- Add Shell Terminal a comand line for android linux commands

9- Add Apk Binder in android builder to inject server with any other legal App

10- New & easy Upnp opned just one click in option area for how have router & need to open port without vpn or rdp

11- Add No-IP Updater like dukcdns Updater

12- Add Exploit area NSA EternalBlue MS17-010 Remote Code execution via this exploit you can execut 888 RAT server in local
network just one click work offline not need internet cable or wifi ( upload execut ) & also added in server like WannaCry attack you will find in scanner network area (download execut)

The Rat Creat Local Virtual Server that store payload

13- Change the calls spy & separate from main server to recorde online & offline aslo good stability

14- Add tow button in builder one for windows & other for android in Double Os mode to make easy to use , not need to disable
Double os to build apk or exe it like shortcut

15- Add Icone Apk Extractor to get icone from any app & use it for server

16- New rat icon logo

17- Change duckdns updated from IE explorer to native updater

18- Chagne About Rat info to new one

19- FTP serve fixed in execution + deleted using port

20- Shell terminal in android file manager to creat folder delete & send cmd linux for any directory fast & easy

21- Add auto Unistall Server android befor was manual

22- Now the android server not use lot of battery of the phone

23- Add message box yes or no when try to Empty logs

24- Add Delete all calls spy recorded

25- Fix crach in startup rat

26- Improuve uac bypass now if the uac is already disabled the server not exploit aggen but run as admin without use exploit
mean if uac on he disable it wih exploit & if it already disabled he self run as admin without exploit

27- Fix bug in sound capture for windows spy & fix crach when record + sound compressed for fast record & light stream + able to recode 60 sec in the past 7 sec

28- Delete Skype Users in Windows file manager ( skype fix the exploit so not need ) & add in his place All Files Download button

29- Lot of other Bug Fix

30- add execut file as current previlage or as user previlage ( to execut otehr file as user if you are as admin or as system (NSA exploit ) )

31- add button in file manager to go directly to the server instalation path

32- add PC informations in server Tools , to know all info about your user

33- add User Account Control Bypass ( Uac Bypass ) in Rat Tools to disable self uac

34- Click TAB button to changer mode android or windows for fast use

35- change all feature list & make in groups files spy password ….

36- add hight auto Os detection Ms 17-010 exploit scanner detect ( Win , Linux , Mac , Android) in the rat & in server also

37- imrouve ip detection on server slow when you scanne but good result

38- new av detection in main client it give the exect antivirus installed , it show like (exect av name or No av istalled or Disabled if av istalled & not enabled)

39- add open Url via spesefic brwoser (Default , firefox , chrome , safari , opera , IExplore) Or run url hiden

40- now 888 android apk server is stable after add persistence + no sleep mode + battery optimisation

41- add replay sound + save sound by date & time in windows spy recorder

42 – add auto disconect when upload plugin have problem in connection

43 – apk bug fix

44 – exe detect av object bugfix

45 – Chage Tab Button with F5 Button

46 – Fix enable calls spy in android server

1.0.9 Start Of 888 RAT Pro

1-Now Support Android Os

2- Improuve Update Duckdns by make updated Native & not use vbs to update like this he can skip some security windows taht not allow to update & also faster & bypass disable vbs by windows

3- Change on Download execut the message ( successfull updated ) from mesagebox to notification to not make rat slow becose msgbox block the rat & notification faster to use

4- Add Android OS Support

5- Improuvment on Big List siz Gui wihout Restart RAT

6- ADD double OS List viewer in same time 2 RAT is one

7- Add calcul number of users Windows & Android in Online : users

8- Add send meesage Android ( Beta just for test connections )

9- Add play sound Android ( Beta just for test connections )

10- Update Browser Plugin work last firfox fud & 32 & 64 bit support

11- Plugin Outluke deleted becose make rat big size also Email plugin have already outluke &other so not we not need this plugin

12- Android area Add Get all Phone contacts

13- Add 9 new Custome 888 RAT Animation Logo

14- Fix lose Color after change the skin in Listviewer

15- Create Builder For Apk Server

16- added meesage box yes no for delete duckdns info

17- add file manager + calls manager + message manager + contact manager

18- add icone windows & android on Logs connect & disconnect

19- add microhpone manager + camera capture Front + back + others

20- add flip image on camera capture by click on the image

21- Fix FTP Server Bug when you start the server

22- Add Get the number of online user android & windows & windows + android

23- Add Aplications manager you can get all apps installed & manage it

24- Add GPS Tracer to show how is the user by satellite (Must enable Gps on the phone)

25- Add Folder button on FTP local server for direct access for sheared network

26- Add Get Battery Level

27- Add Time Interval on Logs Area to know the connection time diferance from current one

28- Add Screencapture of the phone to see what user do ( need the phone be rooted to work )

29- Change number max users connection with stop listen (you can stop user that connect to you any time it good for rat support use1 number & disturb)

30- Add custom PNG icone to apk + add costome apk name

31- Add Battray Status if it charged or not via cable or any other way

32- Add Allow app on system optimisation

33- Add Save Sound in Microphone manager & also replay sound

1.0.8 ( End of Light ) for Windows

1- Start Coding 24/09/2015 the Birth of 888 RAT project