888 RAT [ Windows ] (Light)






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3 Years of Coding Untile now


Last vertion 1.0.8


888 RAT 1.0.7 Last improuvment

– Add Risize image in Remote Desktop to make image faster & small size

– Add New fast ip geo localisation IP & Country detection will make server fast to detect contry & send reqest to RAT

– Add Auto Update IP DuckDns feature & remove restart rat after update

– Add New Monitor grabber way private ( 888 Lab ) to start get log pass when user tryp his pass & not use old stored pass method also image screen all this is automatique (Big improuvment)

– Add New keylogger without plugin all is fast & get all logs any keyboard type & all keys upper lower azerty qwerty & spesial caracter

– Add Option get pass via mouse click (Monitor grabber) in some login protection panel that type pass via mouse

– Add Take Photo Active windows in monitor grabber

– Add new vbs persistence method more stable & good (Anti kill + startup < persitence)

– Add ability to Send Message Box Via Remote Desktop

– Add ability to Print any txt Remotly with user printer

– Change take RAT photo to main 888 logo by right click in the 888 logo ( make easy & fast when you need to take rat Image )

– Add Skype files media Trasfers bettewn friend on File mannager

– Add Hide Users Info like IP & Country & not show on main RAT (Costome on Option area)

– Add logs for connections ( Connected & Disconnected users ) in main area

– Add Get active window tittel in remote Desktop to use for Monitor grabber setup

– Fix copy past littel bug

– Add Upload notifications

– Add Window Manager (Disable , enable ,minimiz , maximiz , close & ….)

– Improuve connection now when you lose user it will be back after 5 minut of lose if rat dont detect connection from server.exe

– Fix lose users connection when upload

– Add MG in main RAT MG = Monitor Grabber log folders number

– Add Active windows button with checkbox button not enable & disable to make faster & easy

– Fix windows 10 os vertion detection

– Fix dir image bug in file manager & change size

– Add Network Manager now you can scanne the user network & get all davice connected

– Add Softwar Connections & see traffic & port used in the network

– Improuvment of Get pass now you don’t upload plugin eatch time just once then use it any time
if you need other plugin so delete first & upload new one

– Change the way of update RAT now is faster & you can get link of new vertion witout ask 888 support & download new ver

– Add shortcut button to disable your firwall in option area & allow rat to make connections

1.0.8 improuvment list

– Fix littel problem in connection

– Fix Remeote Desktop stop problem , when you click in the empty list

– Fix buffer random codes problem in process manager

– Add Auto Port Checker in option area & forget Canyouseeme.org

– Fix take time for the RAT open now faster

– Fix connect Listen port eroor (0) & detect port already used by other aplication

– ADD Exploit bypass Admin Previlage & get full pc control ( some feature need this previlage soon ill add like Get wirless password & disable UAC & disable any process on the pc ( MABY AV DETECTED IN RUNTIME )

– Fix softwar network get data . now you can get all data also added know soft by name if you have Admin previlage

– delete resize / 1 / 2 / 3 Desktop capture (becose not big deferance in speed then normal dekstop) & now faster

– Fix big problem in Upload method plugin for get pass

– Add costom Rat color now you can use any color you want in option area

– ADD remote file read in file manager like Txt file vbs js a also (.lnk) & any source codes also ability to Edit target File ( the way is to fast usage without need to downlaod & check file & good for malwar analise)

– ADD Proccess DISABLER (Mode Admin needed ) you can disable any proccess browsers system or softe be carfull not disable any system proccess like svchost & others ( MABY AV DETECTED IN RUNTIME )

– ADD live online Keylogger when user type keybloard

– ADD know server from Softwars connection in network manager

– Monitor Grabber Improuvment

– ADD Network Dns Spoof you can redirect user browser page to your owen work on any browser also you can block website ( Mode Admin needed ) & setting work after browser restart ) ( MABY AV DETECTED IN RUNTIME )

– Change Cam capture Function to new one . now stub small size & light capture

-ADD wifi get pass & connected Profiles SSID informations

– Fix Prsistance proccess for multi server istalled in the pc + improuvment

– ADD new fearure in remote desktop called Auto send command ( you can writ txt & press enter automaique without need mouse & keyboard control fast & hiden good in chat & search browser & cmd & others )

– Decrease usag of proccessor on RAT Encryption method

– Startup runtime removed becose become not runtime

– Delete cam detection becose detected in runtime

– When you run rat take long time to open now fixed

– Delete cam detection info & replace by user time zone ( becose cam detection av runtime detected )

– Ability to change the skin without restart the RAT

– Fixed Sound Record & Register Feature now work fine & added execut the sound in Cam capture area

– Add FTP Server For Share files over local network & execut – Copy – Past Server Rat or any file