🕵️‍♂️ Scammers

to protect your self from scammers , you need to know what is the way they do

in this article we will explain the steps

1 – Scammers of the Sell

most of them are in forums and youtube , they create a fake tools and they make a good post with fake comment

to know if the comment are true or fake you just contact how do the comment and ask him about the tool

you must know that some are friends of this scammer they lay also so you need to ask lot and search the truth

so when you contact the scammer to buy , you told him for exmple if the exploit work

you enter via teamviwer and see his desktop you will see that this exploit work when he click at the doc you will told all

is ok i will buy and this big porblem whay … becose the scammer create a virus coded to run a exe when a doc

executed , mean when he click at the doc the exe payload not come from the doc but virus run the exe this virus are

inside the scammer machin . the result you will see when doc executed a exe

mean doc executed > virus detect that doc is runing then the virus execute > payload . mean the doc don’t work

the real exploit are when doc exeucted > a payload executed directly from the doc .

you must ask him to execute proccess explorer or proccess hacker to see if the doc execute the payload or not

this image show the real exploit all proccess come frome one proccess is word , mean cmd executed from word and powershell executed from cmd mean exploit is real

if you see the fake the proccess of the payload not come from the exploit mean it is fake

so after see the proccess you will be sure that exploit work

2 – Scammers of Support Tv

some scammers make a fake problems in your machin they told you to give him your tv to support you

when they enter to your desktop in this time he support you without problem you see all are good

but in the shadow he try to acess to the file manager of the team viwer and he go to the startup folder of your machin

and he drop his payload to it without click to it

when support end you close your tv and after your next restart the payload in your machin in startup folder execute

and you are hacked to protect your self not use team viwer but use anydesk and if anydesk have this feature try other tv

if you are how see his desktop via team viwer this not a problem , but when he enter to your tv this a problem becose you allow him to play with your file manager

3 – Scammers of the Fake page and malwar

never login to any email ask you to login mean if you want to enter to your paypal for exemple enter from wesbite

not from the email that ask you to login , whay.. becose this email can be scamme page and not from officiel website

even if you see same legale email come from it is fake whay …becose scammer can spoof real email to a fake one

after you login the fake page user and pass go to the hacker and fake page redirrect you to real paypal you will fell that

all are ok and you data was hacked so never login to any email if you want to login go to wesbite directly

if you see any file come from a persone try to never open it via softwar in ou machin but open them from gmail or

outluk becose exploit work in your machin not in wesbite

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