📡 Wifi Attack

your router can be hacked by other without you know, so how they do and how you protect your self ?

in this article we will explain the basic things that hacker do to own your router and we will give how to protect your self

the attacker can use multi method to own your router and get wifi password

the router crypt your password via WEP or WPA or WPA2

1- WEP

if we talk about WPA it is old encryption that hacker can decrypt pass without any porblem so make sure

that you change password of your wifi from WEP to WPA

the attacker of WEP method will use Airodump-ng to get a file and he will decrypt it via Aircrack-ng

the result of attack will be 100% without problem . so WEP is very bad as we told

2 – WPA / WPA2

this ecryption is better than WEP and last router use it a lot , so how attacker can hack a password protected by this

Attacker can use Airodump and crack password via Aircrack ng …… but result will be not same as WEP

becose it will use a wordlist and maby your password is not in hacker wordlist so if you make strong pass you will bypass this porblem mean maby 50% or 70% can get your password if you use a not strong pass

if the attacker can’t get you pass with this method he use other method caled WPS exploit

WPS is a protocol in router able to cunnect from push button and the router have pin code that make user able to connect wihout password

so the attacker will use this method to get your default pin code and try to connect so try top change your pin to a new

or disable your wps if you don’t use it .

even if your pass are mega strong the hacker can get it via this exploit

other method if the attacker can’t get you pass

he will try to do twin evil attack , mean the attacker can stop your router and all users connected will discounnect via dos attack , after that he will open second Fake router without password with your real router name

an in your phone or pc you will see tow router with same name one your real one protected when you enter to it you can’t whay becose a dos attack is on

so what you will do you will enter to second one fake and this big porblem becose you will enter your password agen and in this time hacker get it and redirect you to your real router and you think that all are ok

this a basic attacks and not all that can hacker use to get you wifi password

To protect your self from all this attacks

1 – Make strong password

2- Use WPA 2 as encryotion

3 – Disable wps

4 – Not enter to second router if you see your router duplicat one are real and second is fake

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